Trauma Patient Management Course Summary

The Trauma Patient Management Course was held at the Novotel Central in Sydney from Dec 2nd-3rd. It was a great success with 40 attendees from all over Australia. They consisted of experienced orthopaedic consultants, registrars and other allied health professionals with experience in limb reconstruction.

The course consisted of excellent and informative presentations from our entire faculty covering a variety of topics and products such as:

  • Fundamental Principles of External Fixation
  • Deformity Analysis
  • Fundamentals of Circular Frames and Hexapod Frames
  • Role of External Fixation in Charcot Foot

Exceptional workshops followed the presentations giving the attendees a hands-on experience with a variety of products and surgical techniques such as:

  • Pin to Bar Fixation in Trauma (Galaxy)
  • The New Unicortical Pin to Bar (Unyco)
  • Circular Frames in Trauma (TL Trauma)
  • Hexapod Frames for Deformity Correction (TL-Hex)
  • TL-Hex software

We would like to thank the entire faculty for their hard work, dedication, and excellent presentations throughout the course. Special thanks Dr Tim O’Carrigan for the hard work and organisation that went into chairing such an excellent course. And a special thank you also to Dr Nikolaos Giotakis for his exceptional contribution and travelling such a long way. Finally, a big thanks to Orthofix for their sponsorship of this outstanding course.



Trauma Patient Management Course Summary