Anatomical site:        Knee, tibia, Ankle, Foot

Procedure:                  Fractures, deformity correction, lengthening

Product description

The TL-HEX is a hexapod-based system designed at TSRHC as a three-dimensional bone segment reposition module to augment the previously developed TrueLok frame. In essence, the system consists of circular and semi-circular external supports secured to the bones by wires and half pins and interconnected by six struts. This allows multi-planar adjustment of the external supports. The rings position is adjusted either rapidly or gradually in precise increments to perform bone segment repositioning in three-dimensional space. All components of the TL-HEX are compatible with the TrueLok Ring Fixation System; therefore external supports from both systems can be connected to each other when building fixation blocks. All the basic components from the TrueLok Ring Fixation System (wire and half pin fixation bolts, posts, threaded rods, plates as well as other assembly components and instrumentation) should be utilized with the TL-HEX. As with any other hexapod-type external fixator, for successful application of the TL-HEX is available an associated software (

Features & Benefits


  • Pre-assembled hinges, angular distractors, and other functional components which are easy to connect, align and operate
  • Hinges and angular distractors preserve their alignment even when temporarily disconnected during osteotomy, frame manipulation or component exchange
  • Linear and angular distractors require only one simple motion to effect adjustments
  • Universal components, such as the wire and half pin fixation bolts, reduce the number of parts needed in surgery


  • Wire and half pin fixation bolts with serrations and grooves provide superior bone segment stabilisation
  • The serrations machined on connection elements prevents undesired rotation and component loosening during treatment
  • Designed with an improved metal-plastic interface on angular and linear distractors is equally stable during and between adjustments


  • TrueLok’s modular nature allows customisable frame constructs to treat a variety of orthopaedic conditions with fewer components
  • Hinges offer self-aligning flexibility during threedimensional frame adjustment
  • Full control of bone segments accomplished with TrueLok allows precise movement of segments without compromising stability
  • Lightweight (ring made out of aluminium)



The TL-HEX system is intended for limb lengthening by metaphyseal or epiphyseal distractions, fixation of open and closed fractures, treatment of non-union or pseudoarthrosis of long bones and correction of bony or soft tissue defects or deformities.


More information

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