MEDIN C-NAIL Calcaneal Nail

C-NAIL Calcaneal Nail

C-NAIL is intramedullary nail for minimal-invasive fixation of intraarticular calcaneal fractures. The principle is to stabilize fragments of the fractured calcaneus using the nail with up to seven interlocking screws which create angularly stable fixation. The maximum of stability is achieved by fixing the sustentacular fragment towards the nail with two interlocking screws guided by a very precise aiming device.

The design of the nail is different for the left leg (indicated by “L”) and the right leg (indicated by “R”). The nail length is 65 mm with a diameter of 8 mm. The nail can be extended and closed by an end cap with sizes: 0 mm; 5 mm; 10 mm; 15 mm; 20 mm.

MEDIN Calcaneal nail C-NAIL was awarded in the Czech Innovation 2013 in the category of Innovative company. The award was granted during the Festival of Czech Innovation, organized by the Association of Czechinnovation.

Award-winning solutions for osteosynthesis of calcaneus C-NAIL was developed by MEDIN in the cooperation with the Trauma Department of Pardubice Regional Hospital and Department of Trauma and Reconstructive Surgery of the Carl Gustav Carus University Clinic in Dresden.