Inion Hexalon™ Interference Screw

Inion Hexalon Interference Screw

Inion Hexalon™ is the first coloured ACL/PCL screw which allows clear visibility during arthroscopic insertion. In addition to traditional single-bundle procedures, Inion Hexalon™ screws can also be used for the fixation of soft tissue tendon grafts in double bundle anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction.


The INION HEXALON™ BIODEGRADABLE ACL/PCL SCREW is intended for soft tissue (including ligament, tendon, and bone-tendon-bone graft) fixation to bone in surgeries of the knee, shoulder, elbow, ankle, foot, hand and wrist where the offered screw sizes are patient appropriate.


  • Published 5 years clinical evidence showing safety and efficacy
  • Superior torsional strength and reduced screw breakage in comparison to competing biodegradable screws
  • Clear visibility during surgery
  • Optimised, rounded thread design provides grip and stability during insertion, is self-tapping and is suitable for all graft types
  • Screw diameters 6-10 mm (1 mm increments)
  • Screw lengths 20, 25 and 30 mm

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