Bone Screws

Bone Screws

Anatomical site:        Humerus, elbow, forearm, wrist, hand, pelvis, hip, femur, knee, tibia, ankle, foot

Procedure:                  Fractures, deformity correction, lengthening, reconstruction

Product description

The enhanced fixation and improved stability at the pin-bone interface seen with Orthofix OsteoTite Bone Screws with hydroxyapatite coating significantly reduces the incidence of pin loosening and therefore reduces the risk of infection.

Cortical Bone Screws
4 kind of screws with 6 dia mm
2 kind of screws with 4 dia mm

Bone Screw Cutter
Hand Drill
Screw Connector

Features & Benefits

  • Orthofix OsteoTite Bone Screws with hydroxyapatite coating may eliminate the need to replace the external fixation system with an alternative treatment for long term therapy.
  • The hydroxyapatite coating is complemented by the well-established conical design of the Orthofix screws. Each thread cuts a new, slightly larger path in the bone on insertion, providing excellent bone purchase.
  • They are available Cortical bone screw and self drilling cortical bone screw
  • Using a hydroxyapatite surface screw, the bone grows into and onto the hydroxyapatite so that the border between the two materials becomes indistinct
  • This biological bond is a strong anchor which will insure long-term stability of the bone-screw construct, allowing it to withstand repetitive loading cycles without loosening of the screw
  • No significant difference in insertion torque between hydroxyapatite-coated and uncoated screws
  • The extraction torque is significantly greater with hydroxyapatite-coated screws than with uncoated screws
  • It is possible to remove the hydroxyapatite-coated screws without the need for hospitalisation, sedation or anaesthesia
  • A clinical study demonstrated a significantly lower incidence of pin track infection with hydroxyapatite-coated screws than with uncoated screws
  • A significant correlation between pin track infection and implantation in a metaphyseal site was found with uncoated screws, but not with hydroxyapatite-coated screws


Indicated to secure fixation in cortical, cancellous and osteoporotic bone.


More information

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